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All the news about the ketogenic diet makes it seem like a good idea to achieve nutritional ketosis—when your body burns through all the carbs you’ve stored and begins breaking down fat for.

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How I Survived My First Week of Keto (Low Carb Ketosis) – The first few days of a diet are the most important ones. I, like many others, have a hard time staying motivated and focused on a new diet and tend not to stick to one.

Why does ketosis change urine color? People new to ketosis are typically wary about how the process will change their body during their weight loss journey and your urine says a lot about it.

Urine sticks will always be the cheapest and easiest way to measure ketosis. For beginners, this should cover everything you need – there is no point in getting more complex blood strips so early on when you are still trying to understand the nuances of a ketogenic diet.

If you’re following the ketogenic diet, find out what’s going on inside your body to get to the ketosis state and how to detect if you’re in it.

My other keto strips sometimes don’t change color or are very light. I’m on the keto diet and losing weight but like to see the difference when I eat something that may knock me out of ketosis.

Some keto dieters say that staying in ketosis can be as difficult as actually getting there in the first place. Simple mistakes can quickly increase glucose levels, and you’re stuck with figuring out your mistakes.

Wondering how to achieve ketosis on the ketogenic diet? This article will give you 5 easy ways that will make getting into ketosis quick. Achieve your weight loss goals on the keto diet by learning how to put your body into ketosis the right way and stay there.

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